Depository safe


A depository safe is the optimal choice when cash or bills need to be secured fast and easily. Most depository safes come with a small slot where you can just drop notes into. This way the safe does not even have to be opened to store your cash. So for example in retail stores a drop safe can help to minimize the risk of a burglary by keeping the amount of cash available to the cashier low.

There are small drop safes that only have a little slot to enter bills and notes but there are also bigger ones like top load depository safes in for bigger items to be dropped in it.

Front load depository safes offer a kind of “mail box” which is protected by a baffle. So their use is wise if employees have to drop deposits on different shifts.

Wide body depository safes offer the option to allow different people to only access their specific slot in the safe.

Cash controllers are equipped with different slots where employees can drop items in different shifts.







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