Diversion safe

A diversion safe is a unique kind of safe. It is designed to look like items that everybody has in their household such as cans, books and so on. Valuables can be stored in diversion safes without a stranger even noticing it. Is it unusual to have a can of beans in the kitchen? Of course not, and no one would imagine that there is money stored in it.

There are book safes made out of real books. If you place these between other books in your shelf nobody will notice that there are things stored in it.

Beer and soda can safes are another example of a hidden safe. So are household can safes, salt shaker hidden safe, stone safe, wall socket hidden safe and flower pot safes. There are so many examples of hidden safes. They are a great way to store small amounts of money which you have to access frequently. It’s very easy to open and close them and you do not need a key.

You certainly should not store very expensive belongings in these kind of safes because they are usually not equipped with a lock, they just work because of their camouflage design.

Hawaiian Punch Diversion Can Safe

Sugar Dispenser Diversion Safe

Heinz Beans Diversion Can Safe

Ajax Diversion Can Safe

Morton Salt Diversion Can Safe


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