Fingerprint safe

With a fingerprint safe you will never have to worry where you put the keys. Because you do not need any keys! It’s just your fingerprint that opens the safe. These biometric safes can save and recognize up to 20 different fingerprints. Once you put your finger on the scanning device it opens automatically.

Fingerprint safes are produced in all sizes, from cashboxes up to big gun safes. You can also get them built into your wall or floor. They are easy to program and even easier to use. There are no codes or PINs you have to remember, it’s just your finger that you need.

As biometrics get more and more popular this kind of safes is a handy choice. If you cannot handle remembering lots of different number combinations including your mobile PIN you might want to chose a safe with fingerprint system. And if you keep loosing your keys this is the way to go for you.


Brink's Steel Digital Fingerprint Technology Fire Safe

Fingerprint Safe





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