Fire proof safe

If you want to store your valuable belongings a fire proof safe is a good decision. Therein you can put all kinds of valuable things like jewelry or important documents. Fire proof safes protect your belongings from theft and also from fire.

The Underwriters Laboratory tests safes and labels them values depending on their restance and durability. TL 15 for example, means that a safe can resist 15 minutes of drilling, TL30 means 30 minutes of drilling respectively.

A thief usually does not have the time to be in your home more than 15 minutes so this is already a good protection. When it comes to fire safes also differ in their resistance. Some protect your belongings half an hour at a temperature of less than 350 degrees Fahrenheit, others will protect them for up to four hours at 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. So it all depends on your requirements and on your budget.


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