Fireproof home safe

When it comes to protecting your valuable belongings a fireproof home safe is a wise purchase. Not only does it store your money and other things safely, it also keeps them from being destroyed in case of a fire. Everyone has some kind of important document, jewelry or anything else that should be taken care of.

In case of a burglary you have to consider the costs of a home safe compared to the costs which would come about if someone stole your valuable property. In most cases this comparison justifies the purchase of a safe for your home.

The Underwriters Laboratory tests safes and assigns them values according to their durability and resistance. A fireproof safe labeled TL15 can withstand 15 minutes of drilling, TL30 means that it can withstand 30 minutes of drilling. Thieves usually try to be as fast as possible and 15 till 30 minutes are already quite a long time, so that would take a very persistent thief with nerves of steel.

Safes are also tested when being exposed to fire. Their resistances varies in degrees Fahrenheit and of course the amount of time which they are exposed to fire.

Home and Office Electronic Fireproof Safe

Fire-Safe Advanced Office Safe

Electronic Security Safe - small

Fire Resistant Safe


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