Gun safe

A gun safe is the ideal solution to protect your weapons safely. Gun safes store weapons securely from being stolen or misused. It is estimated that 30 % of the gun used in crimes are stolen. Make sure yours will not be stolen and used to commit a crime.

There several big companies that manufacture safes. A wide range of products exists on the market. Some of them are designed to look a bit antique or traditional, others just have a modern design. Depending on what you are looking for you can choose between these differences.

Safes also differ in their durability and resistance against drilling and fire. A safe labeled TL15 can resist 15 minutes of drilling. TL30 means it can resist 30 minutes of drilling respectively. How long your valuables will be undamaged in case of a fire also differs on the specific safe. Their resistance varies from half an hour to 4 hours and from 350 to 1700 in degrees Fahrenheit.


Gun Safe

Electronic Gun Safe





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