Sentry fire safe

A sentry fire safe is the optimal choice for your home or office. They offer one to two hours fire resistance and a good level of security. For home use Sentry offers different models. There is are fire safe security chests that offer enough space for small documents, passports, money or birth certificates.

Fire-safe safes are bigger than security chests. They offer more space for your valuables.

Sentry security safes are especially designed to protect your valuables such as jewelry from theft. They are not optimized for fire protection but for theft protection.

Sentry also offers Sentry fire safes for business use. These safes have generous capacities to suit most types of businesses.

Fire-safe commercial safes are equipped with even higher capacities than Sentry business safes. Your document are protected against fire for one hour in these safes.

Finally there are executive safes which offer multiple shelves and a lot of capacities to store any kind of important office items.


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