Sentry safe

A Sentry safe is available in all sizes and different designs. There are security chests produced by Sentry which store small valuables like passports, birth certificates and little amounts of money.

Waterproof fire safe security chests secure your important documents and everything else from fire and water. They are just as regular security chests quite small.

Sentry safes are also available in bigger sizes. Fire safes for office or home use are mostly equipped with an electronic keypad. The safe opens by entering the correct number combination.

Sentry commercial office safes offer great capacity to store all your belongings. Therefore they are a good choice for your business to store all important documents.

Sentry gun safes are the way to go if you have weapons to store securely. They are tall and offer enough space for rifles and all other valuables. This way you can ensure that no unintended use will occur.


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